Submission Guidelines

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Submission Guidelines [PDF]

Note: This page spreads the information about the submission page on subpages to allow faster access to individual aspects. For example, the information about the camera-ready format are not needed until the review process has been completed. The PDF linked above contains all information. Also, see the single HTML page on submission guidelines version of this page and its subpages.

Original submissions in all areas related to the conference topics are invited for the following categories: papers, working groups, panels, tips, techniques and courseware, and faculty and student posters. Please note that a PDF version of this page is attached at the bottom of the page for easier printing.

Documents proposed for conference presentation should be high quality, unpublished, original work related to a topic of the conference and submitted on-line.

The official language of the conference is English. Submissions should use clear, ordinary grammar and avoid the use of colloquialisms that might be difficult for those who speak English as a second language.

Page limits and deadlines for submissions are limited by the category of submission. Note that reviewers will assume they are reviewing completed works, as they will eventually appear in the conference proceedings. Do not submit incomplete drafts.

Authors of papers must submit two versions of their document: a publication version (with author/institution information), and an anonymous version with all references to the authors removed (including author's names and affiliation plus identifying information within the body of the paper such as websites or related publications). The publication version is available for use by the Program Committee and the anonymous version is used in the reviewing process.

Authors of all other submission types only need to submit a publication version.

All submissions must adhere to the ITiCSE 2011 Format Instructions as given below.

Electronic submission of papers is required. All submissions should be in Portable Document Format (PDF). To submit your work, visit the online submission web site. There you will find a submission form that will require you to enter the type, title, topic and URL of your submission, plus author contact information.

Note that there are several ways you must categorize your submission. Within the document itself, you must provide Category and Subject Descriptors, General Terms, and Keywords. These requirements are described in more detail in the Required Sections of the ITiCSE 2011 Format Instructions.

When you submit your document you also must categorize it for our database. The categories you choose are used to select the reviewers who will evaluate your abstract. Please be sure to choose only the one or two categories that best fit your work. Selecting too many categories increases the likelihood that your submission will be given to a reviewer who is unfamiliar with the content.

If accepted, final papers, panel abstracts, poster abstracts, demo abstracts and tips & techniques summaries must be submitted in camera-ready format, electronically, as PDF files. These final submissions will be published in the conference proceedings. A condition of this publication is an author signed ACM copyright release form.

All accepted submissions must be presented at the conference by a subset of the authors. Formatting instructions for the actual posters for presentation will be sent after acceptance.

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