Attendees - Program at a Glance

Conference Program at a Glance

We are proud to announce the final program for ACM ITiCSE 2011! Please click on the below image to see a larger version, or access the PDF version. Also, you can now access the final program and abstracts book.

The ITiCSE 2011 Best Paper Award was presented to Randy Connolly (Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta, Canada) for his paper Beyond Good and Evil Impacts: Rethinking the Social Issues Components in Our Computing Curricula. Congratulations, Randy!

If you were as interested in the two keynotes as I was, you will be please to see that they are now available (links below)!

Additionally, a large number of images of the final banquet are now placed on Flickr. Alas, you need to be a "friend" of me to be able to see them, to preserve the audience's privacy.

There are different versions of the program available. Please choose the one that best fits your intentions. Alas, the review system used for ITiCSE 2011 has been turned off since, so the programs are no longer available. Please use the final program and abstracts book PDF instead.

  • Program at a glance: In this version, you see an overview of all available sessions and can click on each session title to see more details
  • Program ordered by submission titles: This version orders all submissions by title, starting with A ... and ending with (currently) What.... Each submission will appear exactly once, no matter how many persons collaborated.
  • Program ordered by author name: This version orders submissions by the last name of their author(s). Note that a paper with multiple author will appear multiple times, once for each author. Also, a person who collaborated in more than one accepted submission will appear more than once, as will Working Group leaders, since Working Groups are listed in three "session" (Saturday, Sunday all day and the Monday Working Group presentation session).
  • Program you can individually adapt to your taste: In this version of the program, you see the individual sessions and can select the ones you would like to take part in to get a tailored program according to your wishes.

Please note:

  1. If you consider joining one of our three interesting Working Groups, please note that they will work "on location" from Saturday morning until Wednesday afternoon. In this case, you should therefore plan to arrive on Friday and leave not before Thursday, or Wednesday night.
  2. In keeping with a small tradition developed over the last few years, the conference dinner, held in the ruins of an ancient castle about 30 minutes' bus drive from Darmstadt, will be on Wednesday evening / night, to celebrate the (by then) finished ITiCSE 2011 conference. While more information about the dinner will be forthcoming soon, we am sure that this is an event you will regret missing.

In short: if you plan on getting your flight tickets (very) early, we recommend leaving on, or after, Thursday!

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