Authors - Submission Guidelines - Camera-ready version

Instructions for Providing the Camera-ready Submission [PDF]

If you have been informed that your paper, panel or special session was accepted by the Program Committee, you have several tasks to complete to ensure your submission is published in the proceedings. Please carefully follow all the instructions below.

  1. (Only for papers and panels) Read the anonymous reviewer comments and make changes as you feel necessary. You will need your paper ID and password, then click on the "Verify / Update" button. This will open a page for the specific submission. Click the "View reviews" button.
  2. Check the format instructions specified above. You will also receive an email from the proceedings publisher with instructions on how to format and submit to the publisher your final camera ready version.
  3. Submit a pdf copy of your final version to the SIGCSE database using the online Submission Form you used when the document was originally submitted.
  4. Submit a source file and a pdf file of the final version to the publisher. The instructions for this will be both in the email you will receive from the publisher and on the publisher's website.
    • Note 1: All entries except for keynote summaries must provide the full metadata required by ACM:
      • title,
      • authors with affiliations and email,
      • abstract,
      • Categories and Subject Descriptors,
      • General Terms,
      • Keywords
    • Note 2: The submission will use different copyright notices based on their type. The "blurb" can be downloaded from the publisher's web site, as follows:
  1. Download the ACM Copyright Form from the publisher's website. Fax a signed copy of this form to the publisher. Refer to the publisher's website for faxing instructions.
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