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Call for Participation [PDF]

ITiCSE 2011, the 16th Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education, will be held in Darmstadt, Germany, hosted by the TU Darmstadt. The conference is sponsored by the ACM Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education (SIGCSE). The conference program contains keynote lectures, paper sessions, panels, working groups, tips and techniques, courseware demonstrations, posters and exhibits.

The conference venue is the darmstadtium conference center, situated directly next to the central campus of the TU Darmstadt in the city center.


We welcome submissions that deal with the use of technology in computer science teaching and learning, the practice of teaching computer science, computer science education research, and e-learning.

The official language of the conference is English, and all submissions must be original work. The entire proceedings will be available in the ACM Digital Library. Visit the conference web site for the latest news and instructions on proposals and online submissions.

ITiCSE 2011 will accept submissions in the following categories:

Papers (deadline: January 14, 2011 - already passed)

Papers should be high quality, unpublished original work, related to one of the themes of the conference. Submissions must be no longer than five pages. Accepted papers must be presented by at least one author and will be published in the conference proceedings.

Panels (deadline: January 14, 2011 - already passed)

Panels allow experts to discuss and explore a current hot topic in computer science education. Panel organizers are responsible for selecting appropriate panelists to participate, obtaining position statements from the panelists, and integrating the statements into an abstract before submitting a proposal. Panel proposals are limited to two pages. Accepted abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings.

Working Groups (deadline: January 14, 2011 - already passed)

Working Groups are formed by participants with a common interest related to one of the conference topics. Working groups convene and begin activities during the weekend prior to the conference, and continue their work throughout the conference. At the end of the conference, participants present their results to conference attendees, and submit a final report after the conference concludes. If accepted, final reports will be published at least in the ACM Digital Library.

Tips, Techniques, and Courseware (deadline: March 18, 2011 - already passed)

Tips, Techniques, and Courseware sessions provide an opportunity to share practical ideas, specific assignments, pedagogical tools, methods of assessment, class activities or software / courseware that support learning in computer science. Participants will give a short presentation in which they will describe the tool, its goals, application and results. A brief demonstration may also be included. A one-page summary of accepted proposals is published in the conference proceedings.

Faculty or Student Posters (deadline: March 18, 2011 - already passed)

Faculty or student posters present work currently in progress. A one-page summary of the accepted posters will be published in the conference proceedings.


Exhibits will be made available to publishers, software houses, and other interested vendors. Interested parties are invited to contact the conference organizers for information about presenting an exhibit at the conference.

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