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On this page, we provide some useful information for those having one (or more) presentations at ITICSE 2011. Please check this information as you prepare your presentation or poster to avoid surprises "on location".

General Information

The conference will be held in the darmstadtium conference center, which is directly across the city from the Darmstadt City Castle in the center of Darmstadt, and opposite the Welcome Hotel and the TU Darmstadt main campus.

We are working on organizing laptops for the sessions, so that attendees can use "our" hardware to present their materials and will not be forced to bring laptops with them. At the moment, we are still negotiating the contents of these laptops. They will most likely be running Windows 7 and should have Microsoft Office 2010 installed on them, as well as Acrobat Reader. Participants who need other software (LibreOffice? ...?) and want to use our laptops should contact the conference chair as soon as possible so we can explore the possibilities.

More information on the use of "our" provided laptops will be posted here as soon as we have it.

The conference center also offers us WLAN access; the information on how to access this will be contained in your registration package. Please note that the number of power plugs in each room is limited (although I cannot offer a concrete number). If you are planning on using your own laptop for the presentation, it would be best if you made sure that it is fully charged before your presentation.

We will provide a table for your (or our own) laptop and access to a data projector with a resolution of 1024x768. Please take this into account as you prepare your presentation, especially regarding the size of images that may lose crispness on resizing, or the inclusion of "too wide" video materials!

Also please bear in mind that the data projector will have a VGA connector, so if your machine uses a different output (e.g., DVI or DisplayPort), you should bring your adapter with you. Finally, please read the information about the German power plug form on the travel page to check which adapter(s) you may need to plug in your computer. This is especially important for Working Group attendees, as they will need their laptops for far longer than "regular" attendees!

Information about papers sessions

As shown in the program, each paper session has a length of 75 minutes and contains three papers. This means that each paper will get a total of 25 minutes including discussion. Please plan to reserve at least 5 minutes of discussion!

As outlined above, you will be able to access the WLAN of the conference center. However, it would be wise to have as much of the materials that you want to present as possible running locally. Certain fallacies of networks can appear at the most unwanted moments - like large patches being downloaded, the WLAN going down "for just the few critical minutes", or remote servers not responding fast enough (or not at all). One alternative to a "live" presentation can be to record this "live" at home, e.g., using a 30 day trial version of TechSmith Camtasia Studio (also available with similar functionality as "Camtasia for Mac" on the same web page).

We will provide a table for the laptop and access to a data projector with a resolution of 1024x768. Please take this into account as you prepare your presentation, especially regarding the size of images that may lose crispness on resizing, or the inclusion of "too wide" video materials!

Information about poster sessions

This year, the poster presentations will be in a room that is wedged between the other conference rooms for sessions and supporters, and thus "directly in" the conference. On the other hand, the lunch and coffee break area is in a separate area on the same level of the conference center. Due to the (very strict) fire department regulations, there was no way we could arrange for the posters to be presented in the hallway leading up to the coffee and lunch break area.

We have arranged for "poster walls" that are sufficiently large to host two posters next to each other. We will assign a slot for each poster and request that you look for your assigned slot and attach your poster there. The plan is that the two poster sessions of the day can stay up for the complete day (except Tuesday, where the conference ends early for the excursions), so that attendees can continue looking at the posters from early morning to late afternoon as their schedule allows. Afternoon posters should also be attached in the morning.

To ensure that two posters will fit well side-by-side, the poster size is restricted to A1, which means a width of 594 mm and a height of 841mm. Please try to adhere to this maximum size, which was also mentioned in the poster acceptance email you received several weeks ago.

You are completely free in how you design your poster, although it should of course fit to the contents of the "one page abstract" you had submitted for the review. There are no fixed templates, designs, or layouts, beyond the "total size limit" above. For example, instead of a A1 poster, you could put up several sheets of Letter or A4 paper that do not cover more space than a poster.

Information about the panel and Working Group Report session

We will provide two or three tables and chairs for the participants of this session. As in past years, the panel presenters will sit facing the audience. For further details, please see the above information for paper sessions.

The same applies for the Working Group presenters. In keeping with previous years, we recommend that the other Working Group members sit down in the audience and are available for questions during and after the session (this is, after all, a main aspect of why this session type exists at all!)

Information about Tools, Tips & Techniques sessions

The same as written above for paper sessions essentially applies also for Tools, Tips & Techniques - except that the presentation of your submission only has a total length of 10 minutes including discussion, so please try to keep your "message" short, exact, crisp, and to the point! This is a real challenge, but also contributes largely to the flavor of this session - and its usually very high attractiveness for attendees.

Information about Working Groups

Working Groups will work from Saturday morning until the closing session on Wednesday (including coffee, lunch, and sleeping breaks, of course) in the CS Department. This is just a short walk from the conference center - perhaps 5 minutes. Please read the information above on German power plugs and make sure you bring the correct adapters with you!

Each Working Group is equipped with two extendable whiteboards, at least one whiteboard pen, a 1024x768 data projector, and four power outlets. We will provide power strips to bring the number of electricity slots up to the number of working group members.

Further detailed information should be available to you via the Working Group coordinators.

If you have any questions, of think that something critical is missing on this page, please contact me and I will do what I can to provide the information you are looking for!

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