Blog - More details on Working Groups announced

Today's change may at first glance be easy to miss. Each of the three great Working Groups that we will host at ITiCSE 2011 now has its own subpage. The pages are directly shown in the "primary links" on the left, as well as on the fold-out menu for "Authors". On each page, you will find...

  • information on the Working Group leaders and a link to their home page, to give you a better impression of who is leading the groups and a look at their recent research and publications,
  • a brief summary of the Working Group goals and plans,
  • information on how to join the Working Group,
  • and last but not least the full text of the Working Group proposal in PDF format, which gives more information than the summary.

Based on this information, finding the best Working Group should be much easier for prospective members. Based on my own experience from the last 10 years of ITiCSE, a Working Group is a really intensive experience that you would be sorry to miss...!

Dr. Guido Rößling, Feburary 24, 2011

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