Blog - ITiCSE 2011 is over...


For about four weeks by now, ITiCSE 2011 is over. I tremendously enjoyed the conference, even if my duties as a conference chair largely prevented me from attending sessions. The general atmosphere and "mood" at the conference was very good, and those smaller or larger "glitches" that appeared here and there - and there are always some such "glitches" - could be handled without most people even noticing them, thanks to our registration desk and the student volunteers.

I would like to thank all attendees for a highly memorable conference, that turned out to be more stressful than anticipated before it started, but then changed into being far less stressful once it "got going" than I had expected! A large thank you is due...

  • to my family, especially my wife, who supported me throughout the planning stages, and also helped with the excursions and the welcome reception, with arguably the youngest "student volunteer" ITiCSE has ever had playing an active role in refilling everybody's apple juice or cider cups,
  • my student volunteers, who were a great assistance,
  • my two program co-chairs, Tom Naps and Christian Spannagel, as well as the other committee members, for doing their job very well and on time, or even ahead of schedule,
  • Cary and Norma Laxer, who very capably and calmly managed all registration-related affairs,
  • and especially the attendees, for attending and enjoying the conference.

The preliminary results of the evaluation indicate that the conference was rated between "excellent" and "very good" in practically all respects. Once the report has been finalized and sent to the SIGCSE board, I will post it here in another blog post. But first I want to make sure that "all the numbers are in there, and those that are in there are correct" :-).

I have now removed the "Dates" and "Supporters" headings from the navigation, and put them into the "Attendees" menu. They are replaced by the new Photos link. Here, I will gather some pictures from the conference and provide them to those interested in them. If you have something of interest, please do not hesitate to send it to me, or let me know where I can access the images!

Dr. Guido Rößling, August 3, 2011

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