Blog - Getting close(r) to the end...

Now that Wednesday has started and we are approaching lunch, the conference is slowing approaching its end. I regret that it will all be over soon, as I would not have minded another two days of it. (And in that way, I might have been able to actually attend some more sessions than I managed to do).

Initial feedback from many attendees have been mostly positive, although some quirks and issues (predictably) appeared and we could probably not resolve all of them immediately.The Heidelberg excursion on Tuesday afternoon seems to have been enjoyed by most, if not all, participants. Since the second bus taking us to Heidelberg and back again was sufficiently large, we could actually take three persons on board who had not booked the trip beforehand, and had a great day in Heidelberg despite the heat. Tuesday was supposed to be "the hottest day in the year so far" - not the best day for an excursion, but the weather was one of the aspects we could not easily influence ;-).

I have now also uploaded the keynote materials in PDF format, to be found under these direct links:

Dr. Guido Rößling, June 29, 2011

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