Blog - The conference is on its way!

Finally, after a lot of work and organization, the ITiCSE 2011 conference is on its way!

The Working Groups, which have a long-standing tradition of starting on the weekend before the actual conference begins, took up their work today, after a brief meeting with the working group leaders (and in several cases, members) on Friday late afternoon. During this meeting, the working group leaders were given information on how the working groups are organized, and where each working group will be placed, as well as given a key to the CS department to allow them free access. From this, the working groups took off for a shared dinner with their respective members, which from what I gather was very nice.

On Saturday, work started at almost exactly 9 AM. Each working group room was prepared ahead of time to have markers for the foldable whiteboards, a VGA cable for the 1024x768 data projector, and enough extension cords to support all members. In the registration package,
which working groups members received during the Friday meeting or on Saturday (depending on their time of arrival), information on how to connect to the wireless network were also given. A couple of additional request could usually be dealt with with ease, and it seems that at least for the working groups, the conference is now starting off well!

Tomorrow we will start the "regular" registration at 5 PM and will greet our guests with a small reception starting at 6:30 PM. The latter will offer apple juice, cider - a sour alcoholic "wine" based on apples instead of grapes, and a real thirst-quencher on hot days -, and pretzels.

I am eager for the conference to begin!

Dr. Guido Rößling, June 25, 2011

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