Blog - Work on the web page about accommodation


Today, I have been busy working on the conference web page, though you may not notice the changes too much at first glance. The accommodation page now contains a link to a map showing the surroundings of each hotel (click on the "detailed map" link following the hotel name). Each maps contains the following pieces of information:

  1. the location of the hotel, also indicated with a bed icon;
  2. the location of the CS department where the Working Groups will meet;
  3. the location of the conference center where the main conference will take place;
  4. the route to the closest (reasonably priced) supermarket from the hotel
  5. walking and tram or bus routes for reaching the CS department and the conference center from the hotel. One hotel - the Welcome Hotel - does not list tram and bus stations, since it is just across the street from both CS department and the conference center.

Additionally, I have linked a map of the local public transport system (busses and trams), which also indicates the approximate location of the CS department and the conference center.

I hope that this service will be helpful for potential and especially actual attendees. Your feedback is welcome!

Dr. Guido Rößling, February 3, 2011

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