Attendees - Darmstadt - House Deiters

Many of the former artisans' houses were damaged or destroyed in the course of the bombing of Darmstadt on September 11, 1944, or modified later on. One of the houses that still remain is the house of Wilhelm Deiters close to the exhibition area. Wilhelm Deiters lived in this house, the smallest of the several artisans's houses on the Mathilda Heights, until 1903, and was the secretary and chief operating officer of the first exhibition. Since the first exhibition did not bring in the expected and required money, he had to vacate this position.

Although the plot on which the house stands is rather small, the architect Olbrich managed to create a house whose rooms appear to have a generous size, and by no means seem small. The most distinctive feature of the house on the outside is the grand entrance portal. visible to the right of the picture, left of the two metal spires.

House Deiters. Please click on the image for the full 5616x3744 image.
Picture © Ulrich Mathias (details see imprint)

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